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Fresno Adventist Academy - Athletics


Sports Ministry

The Sports Ministry Department is part of a total school program that embraces the mission of Fresno Adventist Academy to disciple students into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus used people, situations, animals, and even objects to bring people closer to Him, and He can also use sports to develop Christ-like character in athletes.

Fresno Adventist Academy sports are sanctioned and governed by the Friendship Games of the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Athletes who participate are encouraged to play by the Christian Athlete's Creed.

Fall Sports

Flag Football - Varsity, JV, Elem

Volleyball - Varsity

Winter Sports

Basketball - Varsity, JV, Elem

Spring Sports (As Needed)

Soccer - Varsity

Track and Field - Varsity

Varsity  -  Grades 9-12 Boys and Girls
Junior Varsity  -  Grades 7-12 Boys and Girl
Elementary -  Grades 5-8 Boys and Girl



Weekend Youth Rallies and Tournaments are held at three host schools:  Fresno Adventist Academy, Monterey Bay Academy, and Central Valley Christian Academy.  These Varsity Weekend Youth Rallies and Tournaments include Friday night vespers, Sabbath school and church, and community service projects,   The mission of the Sports Ministry department should be evident in the conduct of each coach, player, spectator, and event.

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