Teddy Bear

I bet everyone reader has owned a teddy bear.  Some of you, like my mother, collect teddy bears.  Now we can celebrate our teddy bears.  February 10th marks a special day for children and adults alike – the Teddy Bear holiday.  This holiday celebrates the soft and cuddly toys that have been a staple in childhood for generations.  

Teddy bears have been a source of comfort and security for many people.  From hugging a teddy bear during a nightmare to taking them on adventures and creating memories.  These toys have a special place in our hearts.

The Teddy Bear holiday is about the joy these toys bring and the history behind them.  The teddy bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt, famously known for his love of hunting and conservation.  A political cartoon in 1902 depicted Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear cub, which inspired the creation of the first teddy bear.

Since then, teddy bears have evolved and have become much more than just a toy.  They have been used as therapy animals, in educational programs, and as a symbol of hope during difficult times. In addition, Teddy bears have been used to comfort those in need in the wake of a tragedy or disaster.

On this Teddy Bear holiday, let us celebrate the comfort and joy these toys bring to our lives and reflect on their vital role in our communities.  Whether through a simple hug or as a symbol of hope, teddy bears remind us of the power of comfort and love.

So, let us take a moment to appreciate these beloved toys and their memories.  And to all the teddy bear owners, give your furry friend an extra hug today to celebrate this memorable holiday.  Here are two links to share your Teddy Bear love with others.  I have also added a link to ADRA to donate to the earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria.



https://adra.org/  Earthquake