Headless Chicken

Sometimes life is weird.  Have you ever heard about the chicken that had its head chopped off but lived for 18 months?  He was named Mike the Headless Chicken.  If you don’t believe me,  read Life Magazine on October 13, 1945.  Here is the source: Life Magazine.  Now Mike’s case was unusual.  Usually, a chicken whose head is cut off will drop dead or run around in a panic before dropping dead.  From this experience comes the idiom, “Running around like a headless chicken.”  According to theidioms.com source, this idiom means:

  • to carry on in a disorganized manner

  • a state of panic where there is a lot of running around, which isn’t effective

  • running around without direction or aimlessly

  • doing a lot of things at the same time without planning or purpose

King Solomon wrote, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.  Henry Blackaby translated it this way, “Without revelation, people run wild.”  Or, like the idiom would say, “Without revelation, one runs around like a headless chicken.” So it is with an organization without a vision and revelation from God.  It will run around in a disorganized panic without direction or aim, doing many things without purpose.  Therefore, unless FAA has a God-given vision and revelation, it will run around like a headless chicken.

This past week, I gave an assignment to both the staff and high school students.  I titled it “Reset.”  The purpose of this reset assignment was to hear God’s vision and revelation for FAA at the beginning of a new year.  First, I asked the staff and students to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to them God’s agenda and assignment for FAA.  Second, they were to record what they heard Him say concerning God’s agenda and assignment for FAA.  Third, the staff and family groups were to share what they heard from the Holy Spirit.  Here is a summary of what they heard from the Holy Spirit about God’s agenda and assignment for FAA.

  • Put God first

  • Get to know Him

  • Spend time growing closer to Him

  • Grow like Him

  • Share Jesus and His word with others

  • Serve others

  • Seek unity

Again, this is the vision the staff and high school students heard from God for them in 2023.  I believe if FAA follows this vision and revelation from God, it will prevent us from becoming a headless chicken.