Wrapping Package

I have shared this thought before, but I always find it fresh every Christmas season.  This is the season to wrap and unwrap gifts. Of course, there is an art to these experiences.  Pinterest is full of ideas. But, of course, Martha Stewart is the Queen of Wrapping.  A number of you are precise.  Your cuts are sharp, your folds are crisp, and your placements of corners are symmetrical.  Others like me are lucky to get them wrapped; your cuts are jagged, your folds wrinkled, and your corners asymmetrical and wadded. 

Then there is the unwrapping of gifts.  Some of you neatly cut the tape, fold the paper back corner by corner, and then fold the sheet of paper for later use.  Others, like me, rip it off and toss it aside.

We are told, “Mary wrapped Jesus in strips of cloth and placed him in a manger.” Then Thirty-three years later, Joseph of Arimathea “Took Jesus down (off the cross) and wrapped Him in strips of cloth and placed Him in the tomb.” So a man twice wrapped God’s gift to this earth at the beginning and the end.  All so nice and neat.