November 11, 2022, is Veteran’s Day.  I want to thank every veteran in the FAAmily for the years of defending, maintaining, and improving our American rights and freedoms.  

I drove to Ontario, California, this week for principal’s meetings.  I wouldn't say I like driving in the traffic on the way there.  I especially dislike driving HWY 210 and 10 because of its bumper-to-bumper traffic.  It takes 90 minutes to drive 30 miles.  So you would think that four lanes of traffic would move along.  Now I admit I my impatient with traffic.  When I lived there, I used to complain about four cars in front of me at the only stop light in College Place, Washington.  However, I have learned the following driving principle; if one exceeds the speed limit, there will always be traffic.   But if one goes below the speed limit, there will always be an open road.

Nevertheless, this is not my point.  Have you ever thought about the two roads of life?  The roads to hell and heaven.  One is broad, going downhill all the way, and with the wind at the one’s back.  Despite this, it’s gridlock all the way.  The other is narrow and steep, with the wind blowing in one’s face.  However, there is no traffic jam because there are so few on it.  Where are you going?  What road are you traveling on?  It is easy to determine which route one is on: check the amount of traffic.