Art Museum

Today I took my Western Art History class to the Fresno Art Museum for a field trip.  We first walked through the gallery to get an overview of the art.  There are four main exhibits: A Queen Within Adorned Archetypes, Kim Abeles: Survey, Art of the Word: Light for All illustrations by Raúl Colón from the book by Margarita Engle, and The Kenneth E Stratton collection of Pre-Columbian art.  Following this overview, each student was assigned to find a group of works or a single artwork to study and answer some questions.  

The main feature is the Queen With Adorned Archetypes.  Seven different female archetypes were depicted in fashion.  It is the storytelling of femininity in fashion and fabric.  As I walked through the fashion display, there were some I liked and others not so much.  The show’s centerpiece, a dress by Iris van Harpen, caught my attention.  It is a dress based on sound waves made visible in patterns.  As I sat looking at it, my thoughts turned to heaven’s fashion, a white robe cleansed in the blood of Jesus.  We have been taught, “It’s not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside, that counts.” When it comes to heaven’s fashion, the outside matters.  Jesus counsels, “Buy of me a white robe to wear so that you can cover your shameful nakedness.” Nowhere in this show did I see heaven’s magnificent robe.