This past Wednesday, I had an MRI scan due to persistent lower back pain.  I have had several MRIs, so I knew the routine.  I knew I would be lying on my back in a tube for thirty-plus minutes.  I have always experienced mild claustrophobia then because the tube of the machine was long and narrow.   But this time, the tube of the machine was large and open.  

The time came for me to lie down.  They wrapped me in a warm blanket.  They gave me earbuds and asked what music I wanted to listen to.  I requested some tranquil and soothing music, for I planned on taking a thirty-minute cat nap.  With earbuds in place and noise-canceling headphones on, they slide me into the MRI.  So much for a cat nap.  Instead, I found myself in competing concerts.  Through the earbuds came an orchestra of tranquil music, and through the machine came the sound of a heavy metal bank. 

A thought came to me as I listened to the two opposing concerts.  I find this true in my life; the heavy metal band of life is constantly trying to overpower the tranquil concert of Jesus.   Here are several quotes that support this idea.

“God did not create you to live a distracted life.  God created you to live a Jesus-infused life.”

“Don’t let the noise of the world keep you from hearing the voice of the Lord.”

“If the enemy can’t destroy you, he will distract you.” Christian Quotes about Distractions

The half-hour MRI scan ended, and soon I was driving down hectic Herndon Avenue, but in my heart, I was still hearing the tranquil concert of Jesus.