Hurt Foot

It was a beautiful August day at Sunset Lake summer camp.  I was playing in the swimming area and sliding down the slide into the lake.  My mother was monitoring my activities.  She had one rule, “Do not walk under the slide there are sharp volcanic rocks there.”  At one point, she fell asleep at the same time an air mattress I was playing with floated under the slide.  I glanced at mom asleep and went after it.  Rest of the story, I was rushed to the clinic where 10 stitches were put into a nasty cut on my foot.  I was banned from swimming for a number of weeks.  Why did this have to happen to me?

Lately, I have been pondering and reading about pain and suffering.  This topic always involves God.  Where is He?  Why does He allow it?  Why is He not doing something about it?  When is He going to put an end to it?  Many different answers are given.  However, one view believes God causes pain and suffering because He is upset and angry with people who sin.  

In Christ’s day, this was a prominent view.  So, when the paralytic man sought help at the temple, he was told God was angry with him for his sins.  His case was incurable and there was no hope. It appears he took this to heart.  Then one day, his friends bundled him up, and carried him through a crowd in Capernaum, to a house rooftop, where they tore a hole through the roof and lowered him before a man called Jesus.  Mark says, “When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “My child, your sins are forgiven.”  The message behind this was, “God is not angry with you.”

It is true sometimes my pain and suffering are due to the consequences of my disobedient behavior, but I can rest assured, that God is not angry with me.