Welcome to the month of September and Labor Day weekend.  I was ten years old when my father sent me out into the world to work for 10 pesos an hour at the college dairy.  I rode horses to fetch the cattle, shoveled tons of manure, and fed the cattle.  He said it was good for me.  I needed to develop a work ethic.  To this day, it was one of my favorite jobs.  I think back to all the jobs I received pay, farm hand, picking strawberries, paint crew, roofing crew, janitor, landscaping, lawn mowing, handyman, summer camp, task force, secretary, front desk clerk, college RA, pastor, teacher, principal, artist, writer, and photographer.  

I am sure each has a resume of jobs.  Some jobs were harder than others.  I appreciate the words of the Teacher, “A man can do nothing better than…to find satisfaction in his work.  The sleep of a labrador is sweet, whether he eats little or much.”  Enjoy your Labor Day and may you rest well.