It was Friday afternoon.  I was running late from high school. I knew my bedroom was a mess.  My mother had forewarned me that guests were coming for Sabbath dinner and that my room had to be clean or else she would black bag every out-of-place item.  That meant the stuff could be thrown away or kept for a period.  I was driving as fast as I could to get home.  I had only a few minutes before sundown when I arrived home.  I dashed into my bedroom to start cleaning.  But when I opened my bedroom door, I found the room immaculately cleaned.  I ran to my mother and gave her a big thank you hug.  “Don’t hug me,” she muttered, “hug your sister.  She cleaned your room.  Lucky you.”  So, I ran to my sister’s room and tickled her.  She laughed and squealed.  

Being Friday, I headed to bed early to read in bed.  My mother had washed the sheets, my sister had made my bed, and I was ready to read and snooze.  I pulled back the covers, jumped into bed, and proceeded to stretch but my legs were stopped abruptly in a kneeling position.  “Carol,” I screamed.  I heard peals of laughter coming from her room.  “You shortsheeted my bed, you bum,” yelled as I jumped out of bed to attack her.  

April Fool's Day is upon us.  No joking.  I am sure all of you have pranked and been pranked.  If the prank is harmless and done with affection, they bring joy. We need times of playful laughter.  Solomon observes, "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."  I believe Solomon is onto something.