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Shirts: Grades K-8 will wear uniform polo shirts (long sleeve or short sleeve). They must be monogrammed with an approved school logo. Colors: Royal blue, navy blue, and yellow. High School will wear Oxford Style white monogrammed shirts (short or long sleeve).  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Pants/Shorts: Must be uniform style and may be purchased in any store that sells school uniforms. For modesty’s sake, no tight pants.  No school logo required. Colors: Navy blue or khaki.  No drawstrings, saggy, baggy, frayed or torn look pants.  No jeans, sweat pants, yoga pants, stretch pants, leggings, or jeggings.  Shorts must be within 2 inches of the knee.  K-4th-grade students may wear blue jeans.

Sweatshirts/Sweaters:  During cold, winter coats may be worn over school approved sweatshirts/sweaters, but they need to be removed while indoors.  Grades K-8 can wear sweatshirts/sweaters. They must be solid navy or royal blue or FAA wear. The only approved logo is FAA.  The high school will wear plain royal blue or navy sweaters.

Skirts/Skorts/Jumpers for Girls:  Must be pleated or flat front uniform style and may be purchased in any store that sells school uniforms.  Must be worn within two inches of the knee.  After two infractions of skirt length, students will forfeit their skirt privileges.  No school logo required.  Colors: Navy blue, Plaid, and Khaki.

Shoes:  Flip-flops, slides, and shoes that have wheels (skates) are not allowed. 
  • K-5 Students may wear closed-toe shoes or closed-toed sandals with straps on the back. 
  • 6-12 Must have shoes or sandals with a strap on the back.

Swimsuits:  Modest swimsuits/trunks are required on all school-sponsored water events. Girls are permitted to wear a one-piece or tankini swimwear.

Hair:  Must be neat, clean and present a well-groomed appearance.  Hair must be a natural color (black, blonde, brown, red/auburn).  Boys’ hair must not extend past the bottom of the ear, eyebrow, or collar.  No razor cut designs.

Other Accessories:
  • ​​ Tattoos (temporary/marker) or body piercings of any kind may not be displayed on the body.
  •  No jewelry of any kind may be worn. Medical alert bracelets/necklaces are allowed. If students wear jewelry, it will be taken and held in the office   until picked up by parents.
  •  Hats are not to be worn inside any buildings.

Friday Uniforms:  Students can wear an FAA t-shirt and blue jeans on Fridays only. T-shirts and blue jeans must adhere to the above rules. Students may also wear FAA, Conference or SDA college sweatshirts.

Dress Down Days will be monitored by the staff.

School personnel will make the final decision regarding appropriate school attire.  In matters of opinion, the judgment of teachers and administration will prevail. Parents are encouraged to ensure their children are properly clothed for school.

Purchasing Uniforms

Lands’ End

FAA Preferred School Number: 900134305
Phone: 800-469-2222
Mail: Lands’ End School, 2 Land's End Lane, Dodgeville, WI 53595-0640

Artzworkz Screen Printing and Embroidery

1646 Clovis Ave. 
Clovis, CA  93612
(559) 472-3070
If you'd like to purchase your student's uniform at a local retail store, Artworkz Screen Printing and Embroidery will embroider our school logo on any approved items for $5.00 as long as you bring in a minimum of 3 items.  

Rule Violation Fines

Dress Code—First to Third Offense       
  • Parents will be asked to bring clothes for students to change.  The student will be retained in the office area until appropriately    attired. 
Dress Code—Fourth Offense     
  • In-School Suspension and $50.00 fine.