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Reunion Speaker

Phil Vecchiarelli IV, Class of 1998

During his senior year, Phil Vecchiarelli, FAA Class of 1998, had the desire to become student association president as well as class president. Phil had decided that he would rather hold any other position aside from class pastor.  However, his class felt differently and voted him to serve as class pastor. Twenty years later, he is still in love with ministry. Currently serving in Bishop, CA, his ministry has taken him from Fresno, to 8 years’ experience with the Navajo people in Arizona, and now back to the other side of Sierra Nevada’s.  Phil graduated from California State University, Fresno in 2004 with a degree in history and was ordained into ministry in 2013. Phil is also the speaker for a YouTube Ministry called Seventh-day Adventists in 60 which seeks to be a social media friendly form of evangelism. Phil has been married to his wife Sharon for 15 years and they have been blessed with three wonderful kids. In 2001, Phil was serving in mission work with Matthew Gutierrez when he suddenly passed away. Since then, Phil has been on a mission to finish the work of spreading the gospel so he can see his friend again. Phil is still as loud and large as ever and desires for the world to “be still and know that Jesus is God” (Psalms 46:10).