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Reunion Speaker

Cathie Jones, FAA English Teacher


Although she was born in Bremerton, Washington, Cathie Jones considers herself a “Cali” girl, having lived in the Fresno area since she entered kindergarten in 1959, and being notorious as a sun-lover. She attended a variety of public schools, including Jefferson Elementary in Clovis where she and Teri Ann Ricchiuti became schoolyard pals, before moving back to Washington briefly to attend Auburn Adventist Academy where she graduated in 1972. While working at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in order to save money for enrollment in Walla Walla University, she met her future husband, Peter Jones, now a criminal defense attorney, whom she married in 1973. College plans were put on hold while she worked to help out with law school tuition; five years later the couple’s first child Erica was born, followed by her brothers Brian in 1981 and Sean in 1988.

Cathie began her career at FAA as a substitute teacher in 1986 when Erica (1996 alumnus) and Brian (1999 alumnus) were in elementary school. Although she began pursuing a B.S. degree in nursing taking night classes at California State University, Fresno in 1981, she quickly switched her major to English with plans to earn elementary and high school teaching credentials, graduating magna cum laude in 1987. As daughter Erica began her senior year at FAA, and Sean entered second grade (2005 alumnus), Cathie became a full-time employee here as the seventh-grade teacher. After a two-year stint in junior high, Mrs. Jones moved up to high school to teach English where she has been happily ensconced since 1997. Although literature and composition are her passion, Cathie has taught a variety of other subjects throughout the years, including American History, Government, Economics, Speech, and Drama. She has also enjoyed working with students on the Student Association, H.A.N.D.S., National Honor Society, Yearbook, and Newspaper. She figures she has baked over 100,000 double chocolate-chip brownies in that time in order to help raise money for the total of nine senior classes she has sponsored.

In addition to helping students appreciate literature and becoming better writers, highlights of her career include “yarn vespers” at the beach on senior class trips, visiting famous landmarks of Europe with students on educational tours, and celebrating graduations, weddings, and baby showers with them. Mrs. Jones hopes to stay connected with FAA as a substitute teacher and volunteer, spend her time renovating her house and hanging out with eleven-year-old grandsons, Rain and River, and traveling with her husband.