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High School

High School

At Fresno Adventist Academy, our high school courses are UC-AG approved. We not only have core classes including religion, math, science, English, history, Spanish, and physical education, we also have multiple visual and performing arts courses including choir, band, digital photography, videography, and drama. Choir and band perform numerous times throughout the school year in area churches and at programs hosted on our campus. Other electives include our publication courses – yearbook and newspaper.

Our high school students are an active part of the spiritual life on campus. In addition to being enrolled in a religion course, our students lead out in chapel, host a Student-Led Revival series on our campus annually, and interact with the elementary students through "buddies" and as classroom chaplains (in 2nd grade).  Monthly, our students reach out to the greater Fresno community during our Mission Outreach Fridays. 

Fresno Adventist Academy junior varsity and varsity teams are part of the Central California Conference Friendship Games.  We host an annual weekend tournament and youth rally on our campus for flag football and basketball.  Our students also participate in volleyball, soccer, track & field, and softball. The faculty at Fresno Adventist Academy are carefully interviewed and selected, as they are Christian leaders on our campus.  Our goal is to guide our students to be thinkers and not mere reflectors so that when they graduate they are equipped to venture out into the world and make a positive impact on others. 

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