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Board of Trustees

I am excited to lead Fresno Adventist Academy especially in the times that we are living.  Our mission at FAA is for our students to become disciples of Jesus Christ.  We, as the Board of Trustees, feel that we need to be doing everything possible in our education to show our students the importance of choosing Christ as our Savior- that is the reason for our existence as a Christian school.  We take pride in bringing teachers to our school that share the same vision as our Board when it comes to discipleship.

We must not forget about academics when it comes to educating our students.  It is critical that we do everything we can to prepare our students for their life, whether it be going straight to college or university, or entering directly into the workforce.  The logo on our student’s uniforms says “Achieve-Become-Succeed.”  This simple statement reminds our Board members and staff of the awesome challenge that we have together to make Fresno Adventist Academy great.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I thank our parents for their trust in Fresno Adventist Academy to educate and nurture their children.  Secondly, I would like to thank the teachers and staff for their dedication and for being a Godly example to our students everyday.  I would also like to thank the Alumni, for their continuing support through prayers and assistance.  Lastly, we would not be able to operate our school if it were not for the constituent churches and their membership (constituency).

I would like to personally invite those that are not part of our school to consider joining our “family.”

Thank You,
Shawn Rusk, DDS
Chairman, Board of Trustees





                  BOARD OF TRUSTEES                    

Dr. Shawn Rusk, Chairman

Mr. Bud Dickerson, Vice Chair

Mrs. Chandra Young, Secretary

Mr. Ken Bullington, CCC V.P for Education

Representatives of Constituent Churches

                  GOVERNING DOCUMENTS               

Fresno Adventist Academy Constitution

Board of Trustees Handbook