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We believe that FAA is God’s school, and as such, our program is designed to develop the complete student.  Spiritual, intellectual, and physical characteristics need to be developed with God first.

Our theme this year is “Seek God First.”  We will be working to help students learn how to approach God in any situation and rely on His guidance.  This year, Mr. Thomas will be our campus Chaplain as well as Bible and Music teacher.  He will be leading several initiatives designed to help our students have a closer walk with our Savior.

As part of our commitment to excellence in our academics, we will continue to use MAP testing to measure student’s progress throughout the year.  MAP testing is given in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, and the tests help both teachers and families see the progress their students are making in each grade level standard.  To ensure that we are teaching the correct standards at the right level of rigor, we are also implementing Standard’s Based Instruction, using Beyond Textbooks as a resource.  Beyond Textbooks is a teaching framework that allows us to challenge all students, regardless of their academic level.

It is critical that we introduce our students to a variety of career pathways.  Jobs in STEM-related fields are among the fastest-growing.  Because of this, we are expanding our STEM lab thanks to a generous donation from Adventist Health.  We will be adding modules for Nursing, Pharmacology, Clinical Lab Practices, Medical Imaging, Video Production, and Computer Graphics/Animation.  These new modules will complement our current modules in Dentistry, Veterinarian Medicine, Digital Music, Robotics, Forensics, and Digital Manufacturing.  Our High School students will benefit from this program this year as well as Middle School.

We are also expanding our course selection for High School this year.  We are adding SCOUT on-line classes provided by the University of California as a supplement to our High School curriculum.  These classes will not only offer a variety of options, but they will also increase the number of Advanced Placement class choices available to our students.

Our summer has been a busy one!  Among the many projects already or almost completed, we’ve replaced the leaking gymnasium roof, updated our solar field, added cement on the Elementary playground for a safer play surface, and added new banners around the campus.

Please join me in welcoming three new staff members to our FAAmily.  Mrs. Frick will be teaching 7th Grade, Ms. Barr will be teaching Science, and Mr. Fautheree is our P.E. Teacher and Sports Ministry Director.  We feel very fortunate to have such qualified additions to our already excellent staff.

Thank you so much for choosing FAA for your children’s education.  As always, we will be focusing on our student learner outcomes, which includes strengthening our Faith and Academics, which leads to Action.


Principal Chandra Young